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Canadian scientist Le Trung has created “Aiko,” the world’s first fembot.

Much like Rosie from “The Jetsons,” Aiko is a full-fledged robot – she cleans, makes his drinks, and does his taxes. She can even speaking about 13,000 sentences in English and Japanese, so Trung and his “partner” can have fairly intelligent conversations.

Though robots can’t actually feel, Aiko has a touch-sensitive face that can respond to affection or hurt. And while he says he doesn’t do anything sexual with her, Trung also says that the ability to “tweak” her to respond to his sexual desires is possible as well.

Is this guy totally crazy, or a real genius? If you could program a robot to do everything the perfect man would, would you? Let us know!

[thanks to The Sun for the leak]

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