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Jennifer Hudson and Common all but finally confirmed their relationship on Jennifer’s daytime talk show on January 22. I can’t deny I watched the entire interview live; I am rooting for them.

While Common did not definitively say that the ‘Dreamgirl’ was his, he strongly alluded to J-Hud when asked who he was dating and referred to her throughout the segment.

“I’m in a relationship that is with one of the most beautiful people I ever met in life,” Common said. “She’s smart, she loves God, she has something real down-to-earth about her, she’s talented.” 

After telling the daytime audience he “set his standards high” when choosing a partner and that his girl “had to be an EGOT winner and have her own talk show,” he relished in his “off the market” status. “This relationship is a happy place for me. Seeing her happy actually makes me really happy. So, I’m very grateful. I thank God each and every day, and I’m just letting God guide this relationship.” 

Sitting in a black and white leopard print bodycon dress, Jennifer smiled from ear to ear as the 51-year-old rapper spoke. Her body leaned forward. She slightly fidgeted. Jennifer tilted her head to the side.


Jennifer Hudson and Common: “My man, My man, My man”

As a single woman who has been in a relationship before, I could sense her slight nervousness through the screen. My heart was beating with her. While the exchange was light, comedic, and joyous, the interview carried a lot of significance.

Jennifer was officially showing her plus one to the world for the first time. More than ‘Instagram official,’ she and Common became ‘daytime network television’ official. Jennifer leveraged her brand and platform in the most epic way possible to say, “My man, My man, My man.” 

To think about all the “Hey Girl Hey” conversations that happened before this moment, the girlfriend in me loves this for her. And the romantic in me wants this relationship to work.

Now, of course, I do not know the couple personally. But this lack of close affiliation has not stopped me from being invested. Black love is to be celebrated – who am I to question it?

To that end, many naysayers have pointed out Common’s dating practices and very public relationships as the coupledom news emerged. As the interview aired, social media lit up with doubt. Users wrote comments like “Common has said similar words about other women he’s dated,” “Run Jen, run,” “He didn’t confirm their relationship exactly,” and “I don’t trust it.” 

But the fact is that single people date, like, and love their partners. Regardless of recent headlines you’ve read or narratives you believe, there are a lot of yearning Black singles in the world. If we’re lucky – and want monogamy – we find the right one. But before that, we look around to see who may be right for us.

We all define love and relationships for ourselves. Why should Common or Jennifer be any different?

Jennifer’s eyes are wide open, living her best life

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Further, there is no reason to see Jennifer as someone who needs to be saved or told to “run” as if she is a naive girl or victim. Being the ‘boss babe,’ stylish, and intelligent woman she is, I am sure she is making the best decision for her. True fans remember her ex-fiance David Otunga – this is not her first significant relationship or public courtship. 

Sis’ eyes are wide open.

As nervous as I may have perceived Jennifer to be during her interview, she placed herself in that chair and position. Jennifer chose to put Common on her popular talk show. She literally selected the “time and place” to announce something people suspected for months and then flipped the story into revenue. 

The additional fans, viral social media account posts, show ratings, and public commentary (like this post) are not by accident. 

Jennifer is living her best life on her own terms – with a man who is not too bad to look at – and I am here for it. So, I’m rooting for her and wish them the best of luck. I mean, who knows their future, they are after all a celebrity couple.

But, to use a term Common said during his interview with his bae, we all deserve our “happy place.”


Common Seemingly Confirms His Relationship With Jennifer Hudson: ‘I Thank God Each And Every Day’

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