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If given the chance, here are the five things I wish I did before I got married. What’s on your list?

1. Cherished the time as “boyfriend and girlfriend.” We got together in April, were exchanging “I love you’s” by May, and we were practically shopping for engagement rings by the fall. We moved so fast. I remember back then, I was annoyed by the term “girlfriend” – I wanted to be his wife. Now that we’re married, I joke to my husband that he has to move out when the kids do, so we can date again.

2. Bought a car. My dad bought me my first car. My husband bought me my second. If given the chance, I would go back in time and quit spending my entire paycheck at Victoria’s Secret and Macy’s.

3. Spent more time talking to people in successful relationships instead of getting relationship advice from people who had no clue how to keep a good thing together. Nuff said.

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