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In the past couple years the colors to have were jewel tones, dull colors, and neutrals. This year designers have gone a different direction and for those that like color, it is not in a good way.

There are 7 major trends in colors for the Autumn 2009/Winter 2010 season.

1. Black and White: Almost every designer had at least one black and white piece, with many doing a majority of their collections revolving around the theme.

2. Grey: This was also seen a lot on the runway, varying shades ads variety to this  basic color.

3. Red: This was one of the few colors that added some punch on the runway. Sometimes whole outfits were done in red, otherwise it was used as an accent.

4. Purple: This was mostly used by itself. Designers played with different shades in one outfit to create some contrast.

5. Earth Tones: This trend has stuck around from last Autumn/Winter season and was the focus of some designers lines. It was also used as an alternative to white in some instances by using a cream or off-white rather than basic white.

6. Brights/Neons: Often times paired with basic black, neon made an appearance on the runway, too. This went along with the very 80’s inspired pieces that were seen from the clothing, also.

7. Metallic: Sequins, beading, and all over silver and gold were quite popular at the shows. Entire outfits were done in sequins, while some had only slight sequin accents.

Check out the trends below:

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