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Chances are you’ll either be a house guest this summer or you’ll be receiving one. Here are five things you can do if you’re sharing your tiny space and five things you can do, if you have to suggest a hotel.

1) Notify guests ahead of time about the limitations of your space so that they are not surprised to discover, for example, that your living room and kitchen are one in the same (this is the case in my apartment!). This info will also hopefully inspire the visiting guest to bring fewer items and pack them in a smaller bag.

2) If your guest is allergic to pets, their comfort level will be compromised in a small space and potentially lethal if you have wall-to-wall carpeting. Leave windows open for several days in advance of your guest’s arrival and dust and vacuum the day before and day of arrival. Let severely allergic guests know you will do your best to ensure their comfort level, but he or she might want to have a backup lodging plan in place, and at the very least, bring extra meds.

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3) Even if you don’t have guest room, you can set up a guest area.

A small apartment usually means there is no official guest room. Still, your guest needs to know where he or she is to put her luggage, get dressed, etc. I have a little section of my bedroom near a window that is large enough for a big suitcase. I also make it clear that the guest should feel free to use my bedroom as a “home base” for getting dressed, etc.

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