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Summer is almost over! Before you know it the weather will cool and the days will shorten. With only a couple more weeks left, it’s time to take advantage of what this season has to offer. Now is the time to do those few things you said you wanted to do in May. Here is a list of some summer activities you should take a dip into before welcoming fall:

1.     Take yourself out to a ball game

2.     Go to a “drive in” movie

3.     Get wet and travel to a water park

4.     Outdoor shopping trips in open-air shopping meccas

5.     Experience an outdoor concert

6.     Dine-alfresco

7.     Do some star gazing

8.     Take a hike

9.     Take lots of photos of you and your friends enjoying the weather

Stay Fit This Fall

10. Drink cocktails

11. Lie in bed in the morning, with the windows open and good music playing loudly

12. Take an outdoor yoga class

13. Have a picnic

14. Treat you and your feet to a day at the spa

5 Ways To Pamper Yourself

15. Start a journal

16. Go to a roof top party

17. Go for a bike ride with a friend

18. Visit the tourist attractions in your own city

19. Take an art class

20. Go without shoes for a day

21. Lay in the grass with a pair of head phones

22. Read a book

23. Make real lemonade

24. Host a neighborhood Block Party

25. Take a dip in the pool

26. Have a yard sale

27. Let a scream out by visiting an amusement park

28. Attend a festival

29. Shop at a Farmers’ Market

30. Pick fresh fruit

Outdoor Furniture

31. Watch a sunset

32. Take a hike

33. Sleep outside

34. Go roller-blading

35. Reconnect with old friends

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