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One of the best ways to stay healthy is to have a wide variety of healthy alternatives to choose from. Choosing healthy alternatives instead of junk food can help improve your health.  Here are four ideas from intent.com:

1) Craving a chocolate candy bar? Have a square of dark chocolate instead. Dark chocolate is said to lower blood pressure and is a potent antioxidant–qualities that are not found in milk chocolate or white chocolate. Plus, a simple, elegant square of dark chocolate lacks the caramel, oily peanuts, toffee bits and other not-so-healthy things that are found in most chocolate candy bars.

2) Craving ice cream? Have plain yogurt with fruits, honey and nuts on top. Go for non-frozen yogurt because the nutritional difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt isn’t very big to begin with. Also, it is highly likely your body is just craving something cold and sweet–so make it extra-refreshing with some generous chunks of real fruit.

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3) Craving chocolate chip cookies? Have granola bars instead. Chocolate chip cookies are full of sugar, hydrogenated oil, white flour and other chemicals that do plenty of damage to your nutritional intake. A granola bar, on the other hand, might actually give you some nutrients in addition to dispelling a little of the sweet tooth craving you are having. Make sure the granola bar you choose has no additives or preservatives.

4) Craving potato chips? Have kale chips, edamame, rice cakes, unsalted pretzels, or low-fat microwave popcorn instead. Maybe you just really want to aimlessly stuff your face with something and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bag of super-oily, super-unhealthy potato chips.

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