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Why is it when women find out that their man is cheating, they blame the other woman? Doesn’t it make sense to direct your anger on the one that cheated.  What always has struck me is that the man is almost left out of these “Cat fights” and some even seem to enjoy it!! I don’t understand why people do this, after all aren’t there only 2 people in the relationship?

We spoke to some women about this issue and it seems that most of them felt it’s natural for the wife or girlfriend to want to confront the other woman, whether out of rage, revenge, curiosity or just a need to vent. On one hand, some felt the cheating spouse is the one who broke his commitment, and he must be held liable. But on the other hand, one can argue, the mistress is an equal participant in the deceitful affair and both should be held accountable.

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However, while confronting her may bring about a temporary sense of relief; it may do little to fix the problem. How she responds during the initial confrontation does not indicate how she will behave after she has time to think about all that was said. Exposing her can have two different outcomes. Sometimes it creates a wedge between the husband and the mistress. But it also may backfire by moving the cheating spouse and the other woman closer together. That can lead to ongoing confrontations.

Have you ever had to deal with a cheating partner? Did you confront the other woman? Tell us your story.

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