Gabrielle Union And Keith Powers Revive Black Rom-Coms With ‘The Perfect Find’


Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers enter the Black rom-com chat with Neflix’s The Perfect Find. The movie follows Jenna (played by Gabrielle Union), a 40-year-old woman who seemingly hits rock bottom when she gets publicly dumped by her equally-famous boyfriend and fired from her high-profile job. She dashes her pride to the side to ask Darcy (played by Gina Torres), her former rival, for a job at her publication. Her career is riding on this comeback, but when she falls for her younger colleague Ben (played by Keith Powers) – who happens to be Darcy’s son – things get tricky.

Jenna shows the power of starting over, no matter the age. Forty is a pivotal milestone. On average, most people experience midlife crises between 40 and 60 years old. As Jenna’s life crumbles, she shifts her perspective, navigates her pivot, a does what she has to do to choose herself. 

In an exclusive interview with HelloBeautiful, I chat with Gabrielle Union and Keith Powers about ageism in the entertainment industry, the power of pivoting in life, and the chemistry Jenna and Ben shared that make this a sensational rom-com. You can watch The Perfect Find today on Netflix.


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