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Men tend to be very possessive in regards to women. Even if they no longer want her, already had her or never will get her, men can’t accept their homie getting a crack at it.

Some women, are the complete opposite. If a woman wants a man, especially a man she knows she had no chance of getting, she wants her girl to go for it. This way, she can live vicariously through you. If you have sex with him; she had sex with him. If he takes you out on a date it’s as if she went out too.

Why do women push their friends to get with men they know they like?

Two reasons:

1 – They have their hands full and can’t pursue the man for themselves

2 – She has no chance in hell with him

Let’s focus on the latter.

We all have the pimp girlfriend aka The Madam. Madam always tells you how great you look, wants to go out together and encourages you to talk to the guy across the room that SHE thinks is cute.

Her sales pitch is dope.

“This is my friend Erica, Erica this is Kenny. Kenny, isn’t Erica beautiful. She’s in sales. She lives in the city and loves sports.”…READ THE REST HERE!

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