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Groupies have sunk to a new level…they’re now putting their hookups on Twitter!!!  According to bossip.com, Trey Songz NY jump off takes it to the next level when she went on twitter to tell all about their hookup.

Take a look at what the jumpoff tweeted:

My boo suprised me…didn’t know he was here!!!! Night night ;D

5:48 AM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

@ the diner with @songzyuuup

3:59 PM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

@songzyuuup ice cream and cake and cake. Icecreamncakedodaicecreamncake. Icecreamncakedodaicecreamncake

7:47 PM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

Been laying in this bed all day but now I’m alone, the studio stole my baby.. Csi reruns til its time to go to m2…or til the gonj calls

8:19 PM Jul 17th from UberTwitter

According to the jump off, Trey autographed the hotel wall for her, but she didn’t put that on her page.


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