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So, my goal to get in shape is still in progress. I’ve been moved by many of you who have joined our “Just Bee Healthy” fitness group to encourage each other and also your comments to me. Thanks so much for the encouragement! We’re all in this together and I believe me, support is always needed

My third week into my new routine, I got a tad sidetracked. I had a very cool trip last month to New York. I got a chance to hang out with some old friends, some I hadn’t seen in over ten years!

Kitab and Marcy! Love these two :)

I met with some clients in person that I only knew over the phone, and my favorite time was when I got to hang out with Hasan (my hubby). We visited some memorable dating locations (since it’s been a couple of years since we’ve been back at the same time) And, of course I loved my New York City temptations: the FOOD…oh Justice ,where are you when I need you? (Justice is my trainer for those who don’t know)

I know, I know…everything in moderation as they say, but after my second night in NY, I was itching like a drug addict for a hit. I wanted some Amy Ruth’s BAD! (Delicious soul food spot in Harlem on 116th in case you get the itch too. LOL)

Oh yeah, I swore I would behave while on vacation. Salads only I told myself, yeah right. Hasan wasn’t in town yet and I never go there by myself, but this night I said, “Oh, what the hell! I haven’t eaten Amy Ruth’s in over a year!” I’m very good at rationalizing. I went on, ” I don’t care if I look greedy, I’m going!” I ordered my old favorite dish; fried chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, with string beans and you can’t forget the SWEEEEET ICE TEA. Whoooh, they must put 50 sugars in that cup.

Well, I must admit, I didn’t feel so greedy or guilty after a while and I know I should have. I made friends with the girls next to me and we were talking like we knew each other for years. I insisted to my new friends Kelley-Brown (what a coincidence) and Tonia that I would eat half and take the rest home. Not! After some good conversation, I looked down and to my surprise, I had cleaned off everything but the chicken bones in my plate.

The next morning, I did a whole lot of walking, jumped roped, squats, abs by the FDR Highway overlooking the city. Oh yeah, I was working it OUT! But then, as days went on, I got busier and busier. Late nights catching up with my girls and early mornings out for meetings, my time was more limited then I expected. And of course I just had to forget my new 30 Day Shred DVD with Jillian Michaels that I bought specifically so that I couldn’t make excuses for not working out.

I did make up for lack of exercise by walking as much as I could, instead of the subway, I’d walk 20 blocks or more. In Florida, I don’t get to walk as much unless it’s in the park. You’re always in your car and sorry to say Floridians…ya’ll are kinda lazy when it come to walking. Drive-thru everything! Banks, Starbucks, CVS, and Walgreens? COME ON! So, if you have the luxury of living a city and can walk, DO IT!

Well, after my stay in NYC, I had a part -two of my trip. I was off to get some more Reiki training from Dana Smith-Rogers who is not only one of my girlfriends but also my one of my teachers. Find out how I got my pay back from her…in part two tomorrow!

Well, for those who tend to slack on your fitness routine when they have a business trip or on vacation, here’s Justice Tip for the week, more to come!:

Just Bee Healthy Fitness Weekly Tip from Justice:

“Many people struggle with normal work out regimens, so imagine how hard it is to stay on task when traveling. Assuming the hotel you have selected does not have some sort of exercise room here is a strong tip.

Invest in a portable gym. Bands are a great way to take the workout on the road. Inexpensive, light weight, durable, and versatile, you can easily keep the routine going on the road. Spending 20 to 30 minutes on power-bands have kept many people where they want to be.” Justice

Interested in Training with Justice? Give him a call at 216-849-2882. Tell him Simone sent ya!

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