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Triple Threat Tonic

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La La Anthony made her foray into haircare with her brand Inala in 2022. Launched with her Power Potion – a product that harnesses the strengthening and growing power of real rice water complex, biotin, and arginine in a scentless formula. As we celebrate La La with our “Newbie Award,” we had the pleasure of testing her recently released third product – a 3-in-1 Triple Threat Tonic. This tonic acts as a primer, styler, and refresher for your hair in between washes.

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The Triple Threat Tonic instantly adds moisture to your hair, instantly leaving your curls or waves softer and shinier. If you’ve ever created your own rice water treatment at home, you can attest to the pungent aroma. The Triple Threat Tonic ($27) packs the same great benefits without the awful smell. It’s especially sensitive to those sensitive scents. Combined with the Power Potion ($55) and Reset Rinse ($30), this lethal combo will fortify your hair for optimal retention and growth.

“I started seeing a huge difference in my hair from rice water,” says La La about the product. “But I noticed after a certain number of hours it smells really bad. So I kept thinking how can I make this into something that people can use on a regular basis and see these same kinds of amazing results that I’m seeing from fermenting rice on my own in my kitchen? And that’s how Inala started.”

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