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Cynthia Bailey is aging like fine wine, which makes perfect sense since she is a wine connoisseur who launched The Bailey Wine Cellar in 2019. Her forray into spirits didn’t stop there, she has her own flavor in the Seagrams Escapes beverage– “Peach Bellini” — a tasty and best-selling fan favorite.

We caught up with Cynthia, on a special IG Live, where the beloved Bravo star gave us a juicy tutorial on how to make her “Spooky Sangria” using Seagrams Escapes and spill the tea on her name being in the headlines as of late.


On Pursuing Her Acting Career

I am an up-and-coming actress – that’s where my focus has been since I left Real Housewives of Atlanta. It’s been going great. I’ve only been at it for less than a year but it is where I’ve been focusing all my effort and hard work. I do have a couple of movies I finished shooting that are coming out at the top of the year. One is called Blossom, it’s coming out on BET. I have another one, I just filmed, called Under The Influence on BET +.

This next chapter for me, professionally, is all about me pursuing my acting career. I’ll never say I’ll never go back to Housewives. I just finished Bravocon and it was so much fun reconnecting with fans – I kind of got the Housewives bug.

On Her Separation From Mike Hill

No matter what you’re going through in your relationships you have to work. Would I have loved to have taken two weeks off – went to an island to decompress? That would have been great but that’s not my life. Mike and I put out our statement and I was on a plane to New York the next day to do Bravocon. It was great to have that fun-loving distraction so I didn’t have to think about it for three days. I think people sometimes think you should just take a break. I can’t take a break. I have to keep going.

This next chapter- I’m super serious about it. I have to show up. I am really happy that Mike and I are friends and I think the nucleus of any marriage is friends first and foremost. The love will always be there. We’re both just moving forward.

On Leon Bringing The Character Of David Ruffin Home

It was so funny because I induced labor on her due date so he could be there for her birth. I popped Noel out and he was like, ‘Aight, love you baby’ got on the plane and flew to LA to film The Temptations. Noel and I joined him in LA. It’s so interesting as an actress being with Leon for the time I was with him. He’s an actor. I remember before I started acting. Even when he played the character David Ruffin, he stayed in character the whole time he shot that movie. He dressed like David Ruffin. He only answered to David Ruffin. If I was like ‘Hey, Leon, take out the trash.’ He would walk right by me.

Catch the full interview above.


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