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Jergens Deep-Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend

Source: Jergens / Jergens

The Jergens brand is a classic household name. Many of us were first introduced to Jergens by our parents and grandparents during childhood. Since its inception in 1901, Jergens has provided the masses with products that deliver nourishing moisture that goes the distance. Now, Jergens has upped the ante with the launch of its Deep Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend and Melanin Glow Illuminating Moisturizers in Bronze and Gold are designed with brown and black people in mind.

Creating products for brown and black consumers takes time, research, and dedication. Jergens formed The Glow Collective, which consists of board-certified dermatologist Dr. Angela Lamb, beauty expert Danielle Gray, and celebrity makeup artist Sheila Daley. The group weighed in on everything from product development to model casting for the new collection.

Jergens Melanin Glow Illuminating Moisturizers

Source: Jergens / Jergens

Shea butter is king for supplying the skin with moisture. With the help of The Glow Collective, Jergens formulated the new additions with naturally derived shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamins B3 and E. These impart moisture onto the skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation in four weeks.

Angela Lamb shares her approval of Jergens new additions

“The things I see in my practice that people come in for — which is why I think that [Jergens] products are fantastic — are hyperpigmentation caused by eczema, acne, psoriasis,” Dr. Angela Lamb said at the Jergens launch event. “They are looking for products that are going to target those issues and even out the skin tone. That said, vitamin B3, shea butter, and cocoa butter are ingredients that get the job done. Furthermore, the Illuminating Moisturizers also give you that glow without masking the skin. People want to know what products are going to look good on their skin. As for a moisturizer, they want to accentuate their skin without distorting it, and these products really address those issues really well.”

Tatayana Yomary sampling Jergens Deep-Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend

Source: Jergens / Jergens

Jergens is determined to fulfill our wants and needs while honoring Black beauty traditions. Similarly, the goal is to highlight the importance of shea butter while putting Black beauty stories at the forefront.

Fall is officially upon us. Moreover, now is the perfect time to stock up on Jergens’ new additions. These formulas will keep your skin hydrated and maintain a radiant complexion throughout the chilly season.

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