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OAM Skin Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

As a skincare aficionado, I’ve already learned the importance of having a nourishing eye revitalizer in my arsenal. As we get older, our skin naturally becomes drier and loses elasticity. And since the under-eye area has the thinnest skin on our face, it’s easy for the skin to lose its youthful radiance and appear more dull. Hence why, keeping your vanity stocked with an eye cream is an absolute must. So, once I found out that OAM Skin includes a Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer in their collection, I had to check it out.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, Grammy-award winning singer, model, and entrepreneur, Ciara, is the latest celebrity to enter the skincare space with OAM Skin. The brand is all about fulfilling “a mission to create a simple routine for all skin tones,” and I’m absolutely here for it.

OAM Skin Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer

Source: Tatayana Yomary / Tatayana Yomary

Sure, the idea of another celebrity stepping into the skincare world can naturally give you pause. However, after attending an intimate breakfast with the icon herself about the brand, I quickly learned how near and dear the brand is to her heart. And with Ciara’s impressive knowledge about skincare and problem-solving ingredients — along with a skincare advisory board including a dermatologist, researcher, engineer, and makeup artist — I knew this was the real deal.

That said, I was excited to see what the Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer had to offer. After all, I look pretty young for my age, and I’m determined to keep it up. I kicked things off by cleansing my skin with the OAM Skin Vitamin C Hydrating Cleanser. Next, I followed up with the Mila Eve Essentials Flawless Toner ($24.00, Then, I followed up with OAM Skin’s Brightening Serum, which felt like absolute silk on my canvas. I applied the brand’s Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer on my eye area with tapping motions. Lastly, I sealed the deal with the brand’s Vitamin C Radiance Moisturizer.

First off, I was impressed with how quickly the silky eye cream absorbed into my skin. Plus, it has a light yet nourishing feel that felt amazing on my eyes. Also, I have to give Cici her credit since this bad boy leaves a non-sticky feel, which is always a plus.

Tatayana Yomary with OAM Skin Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer

Source: Tatayana Yomary / other

In my opinion, the OAM Skin Vitamin C Eye Revitalizer is worth the hype. It covers all the bases and flaunts an attractive price tag that won’t break the bank. Plus, it gives some of the high-priced eye creams a run for their money. Do yourself a favor and add this to your collection stat!


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