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Some of these hairstylists have completely lost their minds. It’s no secret that salon etiquette is a thing — from making sure to show up a few minutes before your appointment to not eating in a stylist’s chair. However, new-age hairstylists have made headlines for asinine rules and expectations while rendering services. And the latest demand of a hairstylist wanting her clients to refrain from instructing her has left me speechless.

Yes, you read that correctly. In a September 17, 2022, Instagram post featured on blog site The Neighborhood Talk, a screenshot from a hairstylist’s Instagram Stories left social media users stunned as she expressed her feelings about clients telling her how to style their hair.

“If you know how to do hair, go home and do it yourself,” the hairstylist ended her post. Now ma’am?

Not all opinions should be shared on social media. Secondly, taking a client’s money and refusing to listen to their expectations is poor practice. After all, there are some instances where clients may prefer a stylist to swap out products to achieve the desired look.

For example, many people prefer using a sculpting mousse for baby hair instead of hair gel or holding sprays. The latter leaves hair feeling very hard, whereas the former keeps your edges smooth and manageable.

Additionally, many people know how to do their hair, but going to a stylist is a form of self-care. In other words, clients are paying the cost to be the boss. And of course, customer satisfaction should be a top priority, especially since a seamless experience can be a prerequisite for a future referral.

Interestingly, the comment section was divided. Many women believed that the hairstylist’s comments were ridiculous, while others agreed with her sentiments.

“I gotta agree you clearly seen her work which is why you booked,” one person commented.

“These hairstylists are starting to be something else. You use to go to a stylist, get your hair done, and let them know how you want it. Now, they’re like I’m going to do it how I want too. NOT WITH MY MONEY YOU WON’T,” another person commented.

As one commentator pointed out, issues with hairstylists are starting to become a nuisance. Some hairstylists want clients to pay hundreds for a silk press, and others demand clients to come with freshly washed hair. Simply put, the outlandish demands need to stop. As a result, it has left folks with little to no more room for patience.

This leaves one obvious question: Should we avoid stylists at all costs? It’s a personal choice. As mentioned above, a certain level of comfort comes with a stylist dealing with your mane. That said, if stylists continue to share unreasonable demands, it may be worth leaving the hairstyling to yourself.

What say you? Was this stylist out of pocket for her comments? Let’s discuss.


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