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All hail the classic silk press! It’s a chic way to rock silky, straight tresses without having to reach for a relaxer and ruining your natural kinks and curls – and you can see what you’re working with on the length scale. Not to mention, everyone loves when their hair serves up major body and shine.

As silk press lovers continue to rock the style and share their results on social media, some issues have come to light — in particular — the cost of the service.

TikToker Yahri Shavers recently went viral after sharing her experience of getting a silk press. Although her results were gorgeous, Yahri’s experience left a bad taste in her mouth due to being overcharged.

Yahri explains that the salon she frequents usually services her with “the works,” which includes a “wash, steam, blow dry, flatiron, and a trim,” priced at $200. While Yahri shares that she had no issues with the $200 price tag, the problem came once her silk press was complete, and the stylist charged her $225 in total. Yes, you read that correctly.

Yahri asked the stylist if the price had increased since she’s visited the salon, and the stylist said no. She says the stylist charged an additional $25 due to a “length and density charge.” Although Yahri didn’t give any pushback, she explained that the stylist’s explanation “pissed her off.”

“It’s already hard enough to find someone that knows how to do your hair without damaging it,” Yahri says. “It’s already hard to find a Black salon with an inkling of professionalism. It’s already just plain ole expensive to have Black hair. But now, I’m being charged for the length and density of my hair. My hair is not even that long.”

Yahri also shared that she’s sure that our white counterparts are not being up-charged in salons due to the length and density of their hair. So, it leaves the obvious question: How much should you pay for a silk press?

Truth be told, the price for a silk press varies by location. However, it’s common for a silk press service to range from $65 to $150. In fact, many Black women in Yahri’s TikTok comment section shared that they pay up to $75 for a silk press, while others said they pay as low as $45. These women reside in cities that include Atlanta, New York City, and Delaware.

Understandably, stylists want to be appropriately compensated. But, charging someone $200 and an additional fee for length and density is overkill. Keep in mind, pricing is usually left to the stylist’s discretion.

The experience of getting your hair done in a salon serves as a form of pampering and self-care. However, if some stylists are determined to overcharge customers and tack on additional fees, it may be worth finding a new stylist or simply learning how to do your hair yourself.

HelloBeautiful readers, how much do you pay for a silk press? Sound off in the comment section below!


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