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We’ve all heard that it’s a “man’s world.” We’ve also heard how much better life is for a woman now than it has ever been. An interesting thing to consider is how both of these statements can be considered true. In other words, while women now have much of the same privileges as men, there’s still work to be done.  Don’t think so? Check out my examples of sexism:

Online disrespect: I’ve noticed that sometimes an otherwise positive string of comments on Hello Beautiful is interrupted by a sexist and unnecessary comment by some man. Any kind of post with relationship advice, for example, usually seems to have a man commenting along the lines of “If women were less idiotic this would work.”

Forget about men for a little and watch Mariah’s new video!!

Disrespectful language: I was talking to an acquaintance about his love life recently when he said, “b***hes will be b***hes.” Um, really?? He wasn’t talking specifically about some woman being mean to him-he was talking generally about different females he’s dealt with. When I hear men diminish women with language like this I feel like I’ve just been turned into an item sold on the shelves at Wal-Mart.

More disrespect: The Game calls Beyonce an NBA groupie!

“What the f&*%” disrespect. A  pretty friend of mine told a guy she’d just met that she works as an intern in a law firm. The guy didn’t hold back his surprise that she has a mentally challenging job-apparently he was more comfortable imagining her as a stripper.

What do you think, Hello Beautiful?? Is sexism a thing of the past or something that is still with us today??

For 2024’s iteration of MadameNoire and HelloBeautiful’s annual series Women to Know, we knew we wanted to celebrate the people who help make the joys of film and television possible. To create art is to create magic. This year, we spotlight Hollywood Executive’s changing the face of cinema.