Yes, she bombed at her NYE Miami comedy set. But the slander against the Emmy winner is getting out of hand.

April Ryan, Abby Phillips and Yamiche Alcindor definitely deserve our support and respect for their hard work and courage to ask #45 tough questions.

Many Black women--who live at the intersections of several disparities, are dealing with one or several instances of trauma at once.

Black women in America have no hugs left to give.

On Saturday (Sep 30) thousands gathered in our nation's capitol and around the country to focus on ending racism and sexism. 

911 call taker Alicia Coleman hopes that her lawsuit will prevent other women from having to experience this same type of humiliation.


Rick Ross is in hot water after he said some highly sexualized and misogynistic comments toward radio DJ Angela Yee during a recent Power 105 Breakfast Club interview.

New report found that more than half of those homicides are due to domestic violence.

But with a history of making sexist remarks, is anyone really accepting his apology?

On Tuesday night, the California Congresswomen got the last word on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes."

Plus, an 11-year-old starts a book club for young Black boys in St. Louis and a Hawaii and Maryland judge strikes down recent Muslim travel ban.