Shine just posted a letter that one of their readers sent in:

“I’m a guy and I hate receiving oral. Maybe it’s because I had a few too many bad teeth experiences or I’m just a little too sensitive down there, but when a girl starts kissing me all the way down, I grit my teeth and prepare for the worst. It’s finally to the point where I simply flat-out tell the woman whose head is drifting that way to save the energy for other things. The only problem is, now I’m in a committed relationship and my girlfriend feels like it’s her fault I don’t like it, which is entirely untrue. She says she feels guilty when I go down on her and she can’t get me off in return. I’ve been very clear about it but occasionally she will try to surprise me with a “gift”, and I don’t have the heart to tell her no, even though it usually ends up leaving my johnson useless and uncomfortable without any of the pleasure I’m sure other guys get from it. How can I keep her from going down on me? And please don’t tell me to count my blessings because every guy would love it. I’m a guy and I do not.”

I don’t know how many men out there don’t like it, but I can say that I have never met one. I know this reader isn’t the exception to the rule, but I wonder…

How many guys really HATE oral sex?

I know there are a lot of women who don’t like it, so ladies there is hope that maybe you can find a man who doesn’t like it, too! If only the girl in the letter knew how many people wish they were in her position!

A Man Who Would Rather Have Sex With Himself, too?!

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