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Beauties, when you switch up your wigs does it make you switch up your personalities, too? Well, Keke Palmer knows this all too well as the actress recently took to Instagram to show off the extensive wig collection that she uses to get into each of her characters for her latest Amazon Original, Southern Belle Insults.

In an Instagram Reel, the television personality tried on different wigs and gave us a full show in each Southern Belle character. She kicked off the video with “The Lady Miss” wig which was a short, wavy bob. For this look, she was sexy and sophisticated, rocking a red blazer, gold pencil skirt, and red pumps. Her next look was a bit more playful as she showed off “The Chelsea” which was a long, honey blonde wig with bangs. For this look, she wore a colorful blue floral top, jeans, and oversized hoop earrings and was all smiles. For her next look, she showed us “The Kei” which is definitely Keke’s bad girl side. This look was a short, pixie-cut wig that she paired with a black leather ensemble. And for her last look, she gave us “The Sophie” wig which was a long, curly black wig that she paired with an all-white look and pink eye shadow.

“You have met them all, now SPILL: which wig are you? 😏😏,” she captioned the Reel.

Check out all of the wigs below.

Southern Belle Insults was inspired by Keke Palmer’s social media alter ego, Lady Miss Jacqueline, and her southern belle insults. Now, the character is being brought to life as a part of a short story collection by Palmer and best-selling romance author Jasmine Guillory. The collection titled Southern Belle Insults is out now on Amazon’s digital story platforms and features stories full of fun, shade, and wit, but also tap into deeper themes like confidence and self-love, which is the epitome of who Keke Palmer really is.

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