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Tessica Brown on The Doctors

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The surgeon who came up with the miracle concoction to free Tessica Brown’s scalp of uncrackable Gorilla Glue is probably shaking his head right now. After the headline hair-saving procedure, Tessica Brown has again ruined her hair. According the social media star apparently thought her hair was strong enough for a dye job, but quickly discovered it wasn’t when her tresses began to fall out. In a new social media post, Tessica writes, “I Really thought my hair was strong enough for chemicals I dyed my hair in this happened.” Her comments are in shambles.

In the Tik Tok clip, Tessica explains she put hair dye in her hair then hopped in the shower to wash it out when clumps of hair began to fall out. Followers quickly pointed out, the viral Tik Toker didn’t learn her lesson about seeking professional help in the hair department while others noted she may have to do a big chop to fully remove all the chemical damage her hair sustained from the Gorilla Glue.

In other Tessica news, she recently dropped a single titled “Ma Hair.” Listen here.


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