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Hilariously funny actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish is stirring the pot (no pun intended) on social media with a fiery hot take about a woman’s grooming ritual after she’s ended a relationship.

The Girls Trip star took to Twitter on Nov.18 where she asked her followers if they too “wax all the hair” off their “lady parts” after a relationship ends. “I think of it as a fresh start for the new man,” she said of the move.

Naturally, the question elicited some interesting answers from social media users.

One person commented: “No, not when done with a new man but many people choose various ways of releasing, cleansing, and clearing their energy from a previous relationship. The best one of all is prayer because you are beautiful just the way that the Creator made you.”

Another person replied: “I never altered myself for man, but like Nellie Forbush I would “Wash that man right outta my hair” and get a spa mud bath and scrub and massage too. And buy a new bed, or at least sheets. No sleeping where he slept.”

While a third user responded: “I get rid of the lingerie an ex bought me or I bought for that relationship and buy new ones for the new guy.”

On the other hand, some were a little taken aback by the actress’ theory.

“Uhhhh… no Tiffany,” wrote one baffled social media critic on Instagram. While Atlanta-based rapper Tokyo Jetz chimed in, I’m confused…is it hairy regularly?”

While having a few hairs down there certainly shouldn’t make or break a relationship, this is a hot debate for some. What do you think? Do you normally shave when you’re in a relationship? Or do you save it for the next man? Tell us down below.


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