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Vaginas. They are functional, they are nurturing, they are sexy, and they are fantastic. There isn’t enough love that’s given to the power of the pum pum.

Does your vagina have a celebrity spirit animal? Find out!


Against the constraints of systematic patriarchy? Is your p*ssy not conforming to culture, but rather, countering it? She does what she wants, when she wants….unapologetically. Ms. Davis is quoted to say, “We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” I’m sure, she’d also want you to liberate your pum pum.


Does your vagina give off more magical and mystical vibes than your incense? You might just have the best love that they’ve ever smoked.

Perfect sex song: On & On by Erykah Badu


You’re a whole lotta woman and unapologetically sexy. It doesn’t get any better than bowing down to the ill na na. >>insert sexy gyration here<<

Perfect sex song: Candy by Foxy Brown


This p*ssy is just out of this world. No one can really explain or describe the power of this pum pum. Dive on in and get ready to traverse through an intergalatic journey of sexual proweress.

Perfect sex song: Yoga by Janelle Monae


Some p*ssy just has good game…and that’s Janet Jackson. Whether she’s seducing you like a moth to a flame or evoking an alter ego (if ya nasty). You can count on smooth words and sex well….anytime.

Perfect sex song: Anytime by Janet Jackson


Bedazzle your vagina? Oh no. This diva p*ssy orgasms glitter. Confident, charismatic and irresistable you’re in charge.

Perfect sex song: Touch My Body by Mariah Carey (because she would not dare to bounce up on it to someone else’s voice)


You better bring your champagne and your A-game…this power 24 carat gold p*ssy is all about performance. Your kitty goes from the boardroom to the bedroom. Who doesn’t want to close this deal?!

Perfect sex song: I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan


There is nothing wrong with with a woman that can rock sneakers, door knockers, and lingerie all at the same damn time. She’s got that code-switching, lip smacking, fast talking, drink you under the table type of sexiness. She might talk business and in the same breath drop a Trina lyric to reference a situation.

Perfect sex song: Passing Me By, The Pharcyde


The home of the lotus fly-trap pussy. Sex with her is drugs. You know you should stop, but the hit is too good.

Perfect sex song: Freak Like Me by Adina Howard


Some girls just wanna have fun…and f*ck.Do you laugh if you queef or if your sweaty bodies make fart sounds? Does your pum pum not take itself too seriously? If men crawl to you for LOL, acrobatic sex: this one’s for you.

Perfect sex song: Pony by Ginuwine

Beauties, does your p*ssy have a celebrity persona? Take our poll and reveal which one.


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