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Did a bird just fly out of her hair? What the F*** is going on with celebrities and their hair these days? Crazy hairstyles are strolling the Hollywood streets and I’m beginning to think they need to show some respect and stay indoors.

Just because you got money in the bank doesn’t give you an excuse to go buck wild with a razor ladies! Take that hard-earned cash to the shops or clubs, not the salon chair.

The 80’s are coming back with a 21st century spin in style with the leggings, short skirts, striped shirts, skinny jeans, and bright shoes. Unfortunately, the 21st century spin on the 80’s hairstyles has been disappointing and fairly frightening to the public eye.

What’s up with Amber Rose?

“Sometimes in life, you need a change…something deeper than what you thought you were capable of,” says Cassie explaining her newly bald head. Shaving off half your head is not a change it’s a cry for attention.

Not to long ago we were saying, “LaLa who?” Her “fiancé” Carmelo Anthony kicked her to the curb and that was the last we heard of this MTV, VH1 personality. Now she comes out with the “LaLa Remix” and is being spotted shopping along side Kim K!

Rihanna, we understand you’re going through tough times with Breezy. Wouldn’t you think a celebrity in this situation would want to refrain as much as possible from the cameras and spot light? Well, if that was the case I’m pretty sure having a hairstyle that heightens you about 8 inches is not the way to do so.

Toni Braxton wears a wig!

So do you think this whole hairstyle revelation is just some publicity stunt? Or do celebrities really think that having a bird’s nest chilling on top of their head is a good look?

Check out some crazy hairstyles:



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