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Keke Palmer is not shy about sharing her beauty journey with others. Last year, she opened up about her experience with acne and her PCOS diagnosis, using that experience to share messages of hope to those dealing with unresolved skin issues. And now, the actress is sharing her hair experiences with the world, opening up about how she’s learned to love her natural hair while becoming her own hair goals, in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.

In a recent interview with, Keke explained how she started off loving her hair at a young age, but then noticed changes in her locs as she got to a certain point.  “When I was younger, I was very fond of my hair,” she said. “It just reached a certain point where I started to feel like I didn’t know my hair as well as I had used to. I didn’t feel even as comfortable with my natural hair. That’s when I started to feel like, okay, there was something that I needed to do. I needed to reconnect myself to my hair.”

Keke then did the one thing that many women do when they’re ready to start their hair care routine over: she did the big chop and completely restarted her entire hair journey. “I felt so free and beautiful,” she told of the experience. “My identity was not so heavily weighted on my hair. I became so much, feeling freer and more relaxed. I was excited to give my hair just a fresh start, to grow and be its very best.”

She continued, “after that, it was a lot of just time of really getting to know my hair, learning what kind of natural products I could put into it, learning how to manipulate it without heat and give different styles, and just falling in love with it again.”
With relearning and reconnecting to her hair came discovering a new hair routine that included using products that worked for her natural curls and coils. She told about her belief in the co-washing method and specifically how Function of Beauty’s new Custom Co-Wash has worked wonders for her. “I’m a strong believer in co-washes,” she said. “They rejuvenate your hair without taking all of the positive oils out of it.”
Using Function of Beauty’s Co-Wash allows the 28-year-old to still play around and try different styles, but eliminates the damage caused to her hair. “Depending on how I want to do it, sometimes I’ll do a Flexi rod set, where I’ll actually keep the co-wash in and then wrap it around. Other times, I keep the co-wash in, take a little bit of moisture foam wrap, twirl it with my fingers, and let it air dry. It works with everything.”
She concluded her interview with by touching on how many women are embracing the natural look more without feeling pressured to abide by society’s beauty standards. “Now, people are encouraging one another to do the natural thing and just not to feel pressured to have a very Eurocentric look,”she said. “Especially with people putting things in place such as the CROWN Act and advocating for hairstyles that haven’t always been put to the forefront, or deemed as professional or respectable. I think so many of us are doing the best we can to change that ideology.”

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