Sheer curtains are a nice way to decorate a bedroom on a budget. You can find sheer curtains for the bedroom at any home décor store for less than $20 a pair.

Here are two easy ways to decorate your bedroom with sheer curtains

Faux Canopy

Sheer curtains are the perfect way to create a faux canopy to really dress up a bed. There are some very easy ways to do this. First, you need to buy three curtain rods. Hang one at the head of the bed, and then   hang the other two on either side of the head of the bed.

Now, simply hang your sheer curtains on them! This will create three sides to your bed and give the feel of a canopied bed.

You can also hang one rod at the head of the bed and one at the foot. Hang a sheer curtain from one rod to the next on the ceiling.

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Sheer Wall

Try using curtain rods to create a whole sheer wall. To make a fun statement with a classy look, try buying the curtains in the same color.

You need to hang one long rod on the wall behind your bed.  This should run the entire length of the wall. Hang your sheer curtains on the wall.

You need them to bunch nicely, so measure how wide the wall is and times this by 2. That is how many inches of curtains you’ll need to create this wall.

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