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Porsha Williams has a bangin’ body. Period. The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star showed off her natural curves, in a post on Instagram, before she jumping into her comments section to respond to fans who then accused her of having plastic surgery in the past.

“If you have a** and have not had lipo or tummy tuck dis what yo stomach and body gone look like!Get whatever surgery you want but at least remember if you have a fupa or gut it’s OKKKKK,” Porsha wrote on Instagram underneath a casual photo of her rocking an orange dress from Amazon. Her comments were flooded with fans questioning if the reality TV personality’s body positivity post was authentic. Porsha swiftly denied she had a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), tummy tuck or breast augmentation.

One fan questioned, “Be honest. Have you had a BBL before?” To which, Porsha bluntly responded, “Now why the hell would I be saying this if I had a BBL?” Continuing to address the comments about her body, she responded to another fan in greater detail, claiming she wouldn’t be ashamed to announce she got work done the same way she did when she got her breast done.

“If people or even me want to get lipo fine but we should feel good with our regular ol’ self as well,” she wrote.

The Porsha pulled out receipts to prove she’s always been thick.

In other Porsha news, the prime peach holder is enjoying life with her fiancé Simon Guobadia, who is entangled in some baby daddy drama with his ex-wife’s Falynn Pina’s other baby daddies. Whew the drama. We know Bravo cameras are eating it up!


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