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Homegoods X Garcelle Beauvais

Source: Homegoods X Garcelle Beauvais / Edelman

As the mother of three boys, Garcelle Beauvais understands the importance of a good teacher. Like the rest of the world, Beauvais had gained a new appreciation for teachers when the world shuttered its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic and parents were forced to become their children’s instructor while they were homeschooled. That appreciation is one of the main reasons the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star and “The Real” talk show host partnered with HomeGoods to transform the teachers’ lounge at Benjamin Franklin K-8 Center in Miami to help teachers recharge and reconnect with one another.

“Your baby’s young, but you will see how much we depend on teachers, how much we have to value our teachers, respect them and give back to them,” said Beauvais in a candid chat. “It was a no brainer. This last year and a half, we were becoming the teachers with the kids homeschooling and it was tough. It was a tough year. I know one of my kids struggled a little bit because it was just not the norm. So that makes me, and I think a lot of people appreciate teachers so much more because now we see what they do on a daily basis.”

The connection to Benjamin Franklin K-8 Center in Miami hit close to home for Beauvais, where her sister is a Vice Principal. “When they chose Benjamin Franklin K through eight center, which  is populated mostly by Haitian kids, it just made sense. All of it made sense. We got to remodel this teacher’s lounge. There was no light to it. There was not anything inspiring in the room. And then when we did it over, this room came to life. When the teachers walked in the room, they were so happy. They were like speechless.”

Homegoods X Garcelle Beauvais

Source: Homegoods X Garcelle Beauvais / Edelman

That kind of joy is why collaborations like this are important to Beavais. “We really did up, and this space now is joyful.”

Switching subjects to how she achieves work-life balance with her array of business ventures and the duties of motherhood, she said, “I think it’s a balance. There are days that I’ll go to bed and I feel like I’ve done a good job and there are days I go to bed and I feel like, I didn’t do such a great job. And you know, tomorrow’s your day. Yeah. Tomorrow is a new day.”

Shifting gears completely, Beauvais revealed some of her fans still call her “Fancy,” her adored character from the popular “Jamie Foxx Show” that premiered in ’96.

“I feel amazingly blessed and I still can’t believe how well Jamie Foxx the show did and how even to this day, people still call me Fancy. It still resonates with a lot of people. I’m just so happy that we left a mark, you know, because as an actor, you hope you do a project that people that stays with people and that’s definitely one of them.”

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