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1. Stretch

Slow stretches like yoga poses or simple twists, help your body reenergize gently. These moves also focus your mind, washing away the haziness that sometimes accompanies early wake-up calls. (Morning yoga moves)

2. Exercise

Once you’ve had a moment to wake up, doing a few exercises to get your blood flowing is a great way to start the day. Anything from crunches to a brief spin on a bike will do. Push-ups and jumping jacks also work. Just make sure that before you start exercising, you allow yourself a gentle warm up.

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3. Don’t over-caffeinate

Yes caffeine can help you jump-start your day, but overdoing it (more than two cups) can kill your buzz mid-morning. Stick to one cup and your energy level will be more stable.

4. Rehydrate

When you sleep, your body uses (and therefore loses) its water stores. Rehydrating with a few glasses of cold water not only invigorates your body, it helps to stimulate your nervous system and digestive tract Drink up first thing and your body will be more ready to handle the stresses of the day. (Are you getting enough water?)

5. Be consistent with sleep

Go to bed and wake up at the same time, every day. Your body loves consistency. Sticking to a regular schedule of sleep and rise times will make it easier for your body to awaken in the morning – and you’ll feel more rested throughout the day.

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