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Birkin bags have become a sign of wealth. The luxurious accessory, which retails from $9,000 to $500,000, are made by the French powerhouse Hermès. With limited quantities produced each year, owning a Birkin puts you in the coveted class of elite humans that have an extraordinary disposable income.

I’ve watched lots of celebs flex their collections on the gram, but this time around Cardi B let us know she reigns supreme. The pregnant, award-winning rapper posted a picture of her Birkin bags to the gram and it left people in awe.

The first image shows the 28-year-old mother to Kulture, walking in her home in a wine red Mulger mini dress, partnered with a tan Birkin bag. Cute pic, but the second slide is what captured everyone’s attention. In what looks like a gigantic walk-in closet, Cardi is pictured examining upward of 26 luxury Birkin bags, while her friends casually lay out on the couch.


In the post she wrote, “Every other day new wig new hair, come take me out this Mugler ……a couple weeks ago.”

Whew! Cardi flexed over 200k worth of purses meanwhile I can barely figure out how to get a Telfar bag. This post definitely makes me hyper aware of my tax bracket.

The Jasmine Brand agrees. They posted a photo of the Birkin collection with a caption that read, “#CardiB reminding me how broke I am 😫”

This is an impressive collection. Cardi B worked so hard to get to where she is in life, and despite the criticisms of her purchasing such expensive accessories in excess, it is her money and she can do what she pleases with it. What do you think? Does her Birkin collection make you feel envious, broke, or inspired?


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