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Saweetie is known for making music for the “pretty girls,” often giving her projects names that align with this notion, including her popular “Pretty B*tch Freestyle.” She’s also openly talked about the concept of “pretty privilege,” and, as she told Cosmopolitan in March, she understands that she can’t “act like there isn’t a certain type of power that comes with people admiring your face.” However, one thing Saweetie hasn’t talked about yet is how having that privilege is not as glamourous as some might think, and has actually created certain barriers in the 27-year-old’s life.

In a recent interview with LA’s Power 106.1, the rapper explained that “there are some pretty people who abuse whatever privilege they have or they’re given,” before the interviewer interrupted with, “it’s definitely pretty privilege,” giving Saweetie the lane to dive right into how pretty privilege has impacted her life.

“Right, but it’s just like, for me, honestly, throughout my whole life, being pretty was kind of like, how do I say this…it wasn’t a privilege for me,” Saweetie explained. “I was judged, rumors were made up about me, and it was kind of always working against me. And it’s just like, for me, I never thought of pretty as glamorizing my existence as a human being.”

She continued, “So when I say pretty bitch music, I’m not talking about your face. I’m talking about your aura. I’m talking about your energy. I’m talking about your self-esteem.”

The interviewer then jumped onto what Saweetie was explaining, chiming to say, “you got pretty energy?”

To which Saweetie replied, “Yeah! Do nobody want no stank, ugly energy! But when I say pretty I think the biggest misconception is people thinking about fashion or your ice or your jewelry or your make-up. But for me, it’s about confidence. I love me a confident woman.”
Check out a snippet of the interview below:

Fans chimed in to agree with what Saweetie was explaining about pretty privilege, with many offering supportive commented in the form of emojis and likes. One fan chimed in to say, “I feel her. Cuz I ain’t NEVER been the pretty one. But I been in the music business a long time. And I’ve seen it be a curse to the prettier gurls” while another fan said, “I hate people think just because she pretty she don’t have issues… pretty people get bullied too just like anyone else… you have people who are jealous and haters because they don’t feel as pretty…. Just because y’all don’t understand her issues don’t make it non-existent…”

It looks like for Saweetie, being pretty definitely has its pros and cons.

Beauties, do you agree with pretty privilege?

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