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Looks like K. Michelle caught wind of the drama regarding her latest social media post. The singer seemingly clapped back with another post that read, “I’m just pretty, get over it.”

That you are! K. Michelle hopped on her live to provide a tearful explanation to why her face may look different to everyone else. “I can’t help who I am, and I’m sorry I look f*cking good. And I’m sorry if it bothers you that I look pretty. I’m so sorry that that bothers you,” she said with tears in her eyes.

When it comes to plastic surgery, K. Michelle has been very open and candid about her troublesome journey. After installing faulty butt implants, the vocalist went through the process of removing the hazardous mass from her body to help restore her natural shape. While she’s admitted to body enhancements, her most recent social media post has people wondering if she’s gone under the knife to alter her face as well.

Although most fans told the singer she looked beautiful, others pointed out her noticeably different face.


One user shared a before and after photo where the differences in her face are pronounced.


We’re not sure if K. Michelle went under the knife, or if she’s just the product of a great makeup artist. Whatever it is, she does look great. A lot of social media users compared her to reality TV star Moniece Slaughter.

I’m an advocate for people doing whatever they need to do to make themselves happy. If K. Michelle did alter her face, she’s the only person who has to be content with it. I personally think she looked beautiful before, and she looks great now! What do you think?


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