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A woman. She is equal in about every way to men. She is just as intelligent and capable as the male. A woman is neither superior nor inferior to men.

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I’m not some feminist freak. But if you ask a man to describe a woman a common first response may be the description of her physical appearance. Then he will continue into describing her intellect, education, and social skills.

1. We are deeply touched by the sight of babies.

2. When we seek validation we don’t need to look outside, because our strength lies within.

A woman is resourceful and independent. She uses her natural sex appeal and intelligence to get what she wants. Her influence on the opposite sex can conclude to the factor of her rarely having to rely on a man. A woman is selfish at times but only to benefit herself. She has the power and capability to manipulate in a way that no man will ever be able to feel or possess.

3. We are natural multi-taskers. We can run an office or a household, never tired of listening to problems and finding solutions when others have quit trying.

4. Women are good communicators and being able to connect with other people and share freely.

A woman is affectionate and sympathetic. A woman’s genetic make up produces her to express more emotion than the genetic make up of that of a male, but not to the point where women naturally become hysterically and emotional just because of the hormone estrogen. During communication women use something called “rapport talk” to establish intimacy and emotion. Why not? Men use something called “report talk” to convey information and self-importance. This is how men and women balance one another out. In a relationship there needs to be some type of emotion and women naturally bring this? Yes they do! “Rapport talk” is a wonderfully useful tool that all women ought to take into account and utilize and benefit from.

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5. We are equipped with great intuition.

6. Women possess tenderness and grace, being emotionally tuned-in, being resilient and having compassion.

Women are now “bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan.” Women have buried the role of Betty the homemaker and dressing the part of the multi tasking businesswoman. Women are looked upon in a different way and gaining respect for both the stay-at-home mom and the full-time working mother. Women are standing stronger than ever. They have spoken and have been heard.

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