UPDATE: CNN is now reporting that the Staples Center in L.A. will be the location for Michael Jackson’s memorial to take place Tuesday at 10 A.M. The 20,000-seat coliseum in downtown Los Angeles is also where Jackson rehearsed his show the night before he died.

UPDATE: It seems the rumors just won’t go away..Sources are saying that in order to score more prescription medications. According to, Michael used multiple aliases to fill multiple prescriptions. Some of the more frequented names were Omar Arnold and Jack London, as well as the names of his bodyguards and the office manager for one of his doctors.

One source even reveals that the abuse was so serious, that one doctor would “call the pharmacy and say Jackson was coming down to get Demerol. The pharmacy would then fill the prescription, leaving the patient’s name blank.”

Why does this doctor still have a license???

UPDATE: TMZ reports:

The Jackson family has just released a statement via their newly acquired reps, saying there will be no public service for Michael Jackson at Neverland.

“Contrary to previous news reports, the Jackson family is officially stating that there will be no public or private viewing at Neverland. Plans are underway regarding a public memorial for Michael Jackson, and we will announce those plans shortly.”

UPDATE: The Associated Press is now reporting that the public memorial to take place at Neverland Ranch may not be happening there.

Authorities in Santa Barbara County had been preparing for tens of thousands of fans to descend on the 2,500-acre ranch after media reports that a public viewing would take place later this week.

A person, who is not authorized to speak for the family and requested anonymity, said nothing is planned for Neverland at least through Friday.

ORIGINAL: Michael Jackson’s body will be moved to Neverland Ranch on Thursday. A motorcade including upwards of 30 vehicles, one of which will have Jackson’s body, will leave L.A. at 10 AM.

Michael Jackson’s funeral is scheduled for Sunday. The Jackson family will have a private burial following a public remembrance ceremony, held on Friday at Neverland Ranch. The Jackson’s private memorial service is set for July 10 at U.S. Steel Works ballpark in Gary, Indiana. It is unknown where the burial site will be. The memorial service could prove even bigger than that of Elvis Presley or Princess Diana.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson Weren’t the Biological Parents

Take a look at our tribute to Michael Jackson:

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