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Today, HelloBeautiful celebrates International Transgender Day of Visibility. The annual celebration is held to uplift members of the Trans and Non-binary community around the world. Although we’ve sparked an open conversation around trans and non-binary lives, there is so much more work that needs to be done.

Yesterday, Chief Diversity Officer at Facebook, Maxine Williams and activist and actress, Dominique Jackson  had an open discussion on Instagram Live where they talked about Dominique’s mainstream success with Pose, her Trinbagonian upbringing, her experience as a Black trans woman in the entertainment industry, and the violence that trans individuals face daily.

Posted to Maxine’s Instagram page she wrote, “had such a fantastic conversation with @dominiquet.a.r.jackson in honor of Transgender Day of Visibility. Dominique said it best, “it’s not just about our right to exist, it’s also about the right to thrive.” It’s truly special to me to have the opportunity to speak to a compatriot in a space like this 🇹🇹. She left us with nuggets about being your own authentic self and standing firm in your power – whether you are Black, Trans, a woman, an immigrant – and using it as an asset. #TransgenderDayofVisibility”

During their in-depth and informative chat, Dominque discussed some alarming statistics.

  • 54% of trans people are subject to intimate partner violence.
  • 47% of trans people are sexually assaulted.
  • 22% of trans people do not have health coverage (32% if you’re looking at trans people of color)

It’s no secret that the Trans community is under attack because of the lack of acceptance and understanding of their lifestyles. Living in your truth is vital to surviving in this world. When people are overly invested in the lifestyle choices of others, it hinders a person’s ability to live authentically. This is why the LGBTQ+ community needs allies who will educate the masses in their moment of need.

“It starts in a simple place.  Represent and stand up for those people that are not in the room, when you are.  When you hear that person talk down about women (or trans people), correct them. It’s all ignorance when it comes to who we are and what they think about us. Speak up. There is power in being so strong, and knowing who you are, that who someone else is, does not offend you,” Dominique told Maxine.

Open conversations like this one assist in educating the world on the appropriate ways to take a stand against transphobia. True allyship is a never-ending job that has the power to shift things, if we continue to advocate for our community.


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