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Queen Afua

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With the craziness of 2020 finally behind us, there’s no better time like the present to reinvest in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Making your wellbeing a priority is nothing short of a liberating experience, with the only obstacle being actually getting started.

That’s where Sacred Women author Queen Afua comes in with her new Queen Afua Heal Thyself Detox. Unlike most detoxes that mostly focus on the physical body, Queen Afua’s teaching encourages people to look inward to remove the junk in our minds and in our kitchens through an all-encompassing spiritual, mind, and body detox.

Celebs like Jada Pinkett-Smith and Lauren London who Queen Afua lovingly calls “no-nonsense women” have already given the new cleanse a try, with Jada taking to Instagram to show off her results. “I’m doing the Queen Afua Heal Thyself Detox. And I want to tell you it has been fabulous,” Jada told her 10.7 million IG followers on January 11. “Clearing my mind, my spirit, as well as the physical body. And I’ve told you that what you put in your body is everything.” She also went on to thank Lauren London for hooking her up with the detox over the holidays saying, “I want to thank my girl Lauren London for hooking her sister up for Christmas with the whole detox situation.” 

With a cosign from Jada Pinkett-Smith and Lauren London, Queen Afua’s detox is definitely a must-have as the two ladies are always body and spiritual growth goals. “I helped them to tap into their inner power in many different ways,” Queen Afua said of Jada and Lauren. “One of them was through energy readings. When any of the elements are out of alignment it affects our thinking, ability to overcome, and relationships. I gave them the tools of nature, plant-based formulas, and detoxing.”

So, what exactly is the Queen Afua Heal Thyself Detox and what are the benefits of use? I had the pleasure of connecting with Queen Afua to understand the ins and outs of detoxing and the importance of incorporating it into your daily routine, and I’m definitely sold!

Queen Afua

Source: Keith Major / Keith Major

“Detox work is a way of life,” she told us. “We have two plant-based detoxes to choose from: a 7 Day Detox for beginners and a 21 Day Detox for the more advanced.” She went on to explain that those who participate in the detox program can choose from four dietary choices such as lexitarian, vegetarian, raw vegan, or a complete juice diet. She continued, “we provide you with a manual to help you grocery shop, a daily meal plan, and a manual to help you check in with yourself. My hope is that once you embark on a detox, it becomes a way of life. This is when you see the changes in your mind, body, and spirit!”

Queen Afua also explained that detoxing has more than just physical benefits, but can also help rejuvenate your mind as well. “Once people start to detox from sugar specifically, they also notice that their minds are sharper and clearer,” she said. “If someone is addicted to sugar, it eats away at the brain and nervous systems. We must remember that sugar is not a food but a substance. It causes depression, confusion, and mucus that causes brain fog. So when you start to flush your body in this way, you notice positive changes in your mind as well as your body.”

With so many health benefits tied to detoxing, Queen Afua made it clear that it should not just be something you do once or twice a year. Instead, it should be incorporated into your everyday life. She explained, “some people will do it once or twice and say they don’t feel any better. It didn’t work for you because you didn’t incorporate it into your daily routine!”

Queen Afua’s Heal Thyself Detox is not the only recommended addition for spiritual and mental growth as the teacher and author is also pushing the re-release of her healing guidebook Sacred Woman as another tool to cleanse the mind. The new version features two new chapters aimed at understanding time and purpose with “Seshat (Sacred Time)” talking about what happens when you’re out of attunement with time and “Meshkenet (Sacred Work)” talking about finding and living out your purpose. Both new chapters are interesting perspectives on the journey to becoming a woman “who is in tune with the most-high or divine spirit,” characteristics that Queen Afua uses to describe the “sacred woman.”

“All women are healers,” Queen Afua stated, “they are just not conscious of it.” And with the re-release of Sacred Woman and the Queen Afua Heal Thyself Detox, women will have the roadmap to becoming just that.

For more on the Queen Afua Heal Thyself Detox, click HERE. And to learn about Queen Afua’s 9-step immune and respiratory protection program, click HERE.


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