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For most women with natural hair, their nightly routine involves them stuffing their mane under a silk bonnet for an added layer of protection between their head and the pillow case. Because we move around while we sleep, there can be friction between your scalp and the sheets. Over time, this can cause your edges to erode or thin out. With a silk bonnet, you’re able to preserve your hairstyle while keeping your edges intact.

For me, it was normal practice to wake up, take my bonnet off, style my hair, and head off to work. Now that I’m working from home, my hair gets styled approximately once a week. There is luxury in working from your sofa with your bonnet and robe on. Did I shower today? Maybe. Did I brush my teeth? Probably at noon. Am I really taking a business call in the middle of seasoning shrimp? Absolutely. This has become the new normal.

One thing I refuse to normalize is hoping on staff Zoom calls wearing my bonnet. When shifting from an office environment to your living room couch, there’s an expected casualness that comes with your workplace attire. While it’s presumed I won’t be in a suit, with hair and makeup done, it’s still my responsibility to not look like I just rolled out of bed. By no means do I want to untwist my hair for a 30 minute zoom chat, especially since 15 minutes of that call will be filled with “Can you hear me? Sorry, I was talking with my mic muted,” chatter.

There has to be a happy medium between the comforts of being at home and still showing up in a professional way, despite the circumstances. Bonnets are great for the house, but not the best for video calls with you colleagues and management. When a zoom meeting is scheduled, and my hair isn’t done, I cover my bonnet with a head wrap. This stylish alternative is a win because they can be worn both in the office and over a video call.

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I came across the bonnet head wrap and I thought how genius! Now you can wear your bonnet, and still give off professional vibes with the built-in wrap feature.

Professional attire has taken a back seat for people who work from home. Your new routine may involve you waking up 5 minutes before your work shift and brushing your teeth during your first lunch break. You may or may not be wearing the same sweater from 2 days ago, and those sweatpants definitely have a hole in the crotch. Those details aren’t known to the people behind the zoom screen. What we can do to uphold a professional front is swap out or nightcap for a head wrap. It’s the least we can do. What do you think? Are bonnets in work time video calls professional?


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