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Samone Shanyelle


Name: Samone Shanyelle

IG: @samoneshanyelle  

Agency: SELECT Los Angeles/Milk London

Claim to Fame: She has appeared in campaigns for Target, Savage Fenty, Forever 21, Charlotte Tilbury, ASOS and more. 

Prior to appearing in campaigns for major skincare and lingerie brands Samone Shanyelle was cringing at her blemishes in Murrieta, California. “In high school I used to have problem areas on my forehead and around my cheeks,” she told HelloBeautiful. Her attempts to solve the issues she was experiencing made the situation worse over time. “I was using this one product that my skin got addicted to,” she continued. “And then once I stopped using the product, I realized my skin started to get like rashy If I didn’t use it, I went to my dermatologist and they let me know that I was addicted.”

Shanyelle was uncomfortable with the course of treatment recommended so she chose to implement lifestyle changes to address her skin’s issues. She adopted a vegan diet and later began practicing yoga to treat herself. “They gave me a prescription that I didn’t want to take because I don’t take prescription drugs. I don’t take any pharmaceuticals. So I decided to really curate the things that I eat, you know, which has cleared up my skin so much throughout my whole body.” Her plan’s success can be seen on billboards, in magazines, and department stores around the world. Shanyelle felt more connected with her body as a result of her choices. “I feel like once you become vegan, more aware of your body, it’s easier for you to tell what’s good for you and what’s not what’s working,” she said.

Months after she graduated she started a career as an international model when she gained the confidence to contact agencies. “I ended up moving to LA once I started getting into modeling and I lived there for like around six months and then within six months, a London agency scouted me,” she said. “I went to London for six months.” Shanyelle was excited about the chance to explore Europe. “That was my first time leaving the country ever, like my second time on the plane. So it was huge,” she said. “They expedited my passport. That was actually the reason why I got my passport is because I found a modeling agency.” Her mother was happy for her daughter but she was understandably apprehensive about sending her to another continent solo. “My mom wanted to come with me,” she recalled. “She was very excited for me.” 

Shanyelle saw the trip as an adventure but it soon became a love affair. She booked a job for major UK sports retailer JD sports shortly after arriving in London. “It was in Manchester, which is a two hour train ride from London and I booked the job and had to wake up so early,” she said. The set was a comfortable one. Wardrobe consisted of “trainers,” and “tracksuits.” The relaxed atmosphere encouraged mingling. “It was really fun. It was a location shoot. So we went around Manchester and shot around and it was a group of people.” In that group was a young model who caught Shanyelle’s eye. The pair connected as the group welcomed the newcomer to the area. “I actually met my boyfriend on my first job. And so we moved in together and he’s from London. And so now I live with him out here,” she said. “It was really great for my first job. Everyone made me feel comfortable.” 

Shanyelle has worked steadily in the U.S. and the U.K. since her signing. “My bucket list job was working with Rihanna. I booked Savage Fenty,” she said. “I’ve done Target, Levis, Kylie Skin.” 

She hopes to be able to use her success in the modeling industry to help her achieve her long term goal of building a wellness and real estate empire. She is launching a line of sustainable line of body products called Electrafy Essentials, inspired by her journey to plant based living. 

“I’m launching my business next year and it’s going, this is just the foundation of the vision that I have for it. Eventually I will have acres of land and have my whole community on these acres, the cafe yoga studio, I’m actually getting my certification in yoga training,” she said. 


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