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Stretch limos, up-dos with waterfalls, gowns and anxious teens could only mean one thing — prom! The culmination of your high school experience in one final celebration with friends you probably won’t speak to next summer. Netflix’s new film The Prom starring Kerry Washington, Ariana DeBose, Meryl Streep and James Cordon captures the glory of it all — well the really jazzed up dance-choreographed version of it.

“It’s really about two young women who want to go to the prom together in a town where that is not deemed acceptable by one of their moms,” Kerry Washington explained in a candid Sunday evening chat. Earlier that day she was cooking pancakes with her family while her co-star Ariana DeBose could only think about her full day of press ahead. We laughed about our respective Sunday mornings and Kerry praised me for multitasking between motherhood and work as my one-year old joined in on the conversation (you’ll see).

While the characters in The Prom are facing much more important issues about life, love and sexuality, prom, on the basic level, presents the first opportunity for teens on the brink of adulthood to make their first major fashion statement. I remember with familiarity seeking a seamstress to have my dress custom-made and the vision behind the image I wanted to portray. So does Kerry, who revealed she designed her own prom dress. Sounds about right.

“I had designed my own dress at prom, said Kerry Washington visually gushing over the memory. “It was very detailed. There were a lot of details on the top. It was baby doll and lace and pearls and rhinestones in-laid. I think I had a messy sexy up-do situation going on.” I interject, “You were giving WAP back in the day” and she nods.

“I didn’t like me prom hair,” said Kerry’s co-star Ariana. “If I’m being honest. It wasn’t my best look.” But all wasn’t lost for DeBose, she said she had a good time.

I ended our convo asking Kerry who out of her celebrity friends would prom king and queen to which to excitedly responded, “It’s always Jay and Beyonce. There’re always the king and queen of everything.”

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