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Twerking was a fun, simple pastime until Lady Luscious and her sister Twerksum stepped on the scene. In their crop tops and short shorts, the two ladies took the internet by storm by showing us all how to shake what our mama gave us. Since the debut of their first YouTube video over 11 years ago, the sisters have created a lane that has been financially fruitful. At one point it time, party promoters were flying the duo to clubs all over the country for club appearances. They’ve made cameos in music videos, dropped a few songs of their own, dabbled in the beauty industry, and now the sisters are basking in the success of their very humble YouTube beginnings.

I sat down with Elle, better known as Lady Luscious, to discuss life since the culture-changing reign of the Twerk Team. This was a movement that kept women intrigued and men obsessed. Now at age 29, Elle talks about motherhood, how she’s embracing her mom bod, and her journey as an author.

Elle’s life is a complete 180 from her days of twerking in the club. The mother of two lives a quiet life in Atlanta, close to her family and loved ones. Still, despite her laid back lifestyle, she still gets recognized when she goes out. “Being known for twerking is cool. I try to be more low-key now so I always think no one really knows me when I go out, but then they’re like ‘you’re the girl from twerk team,'” she says.

Lady Elle

Source: Lady Elle / ELLE

Elle’s fanbase runs pretty deep. Most of her followers were recruited long before Instagram and IG models became a thing. Back then, the sisters kept everyone entertained on Twitter and YouTube. Now, sites like OnlyFans allow her to stay connected in a financially profitable way. On this platform, she’s able to give viewers a more personal experience.

“Twerksum brought it (the idea of joining OnlyFans) to me. At first she had questions about it so we started doing our research. We’ve never taken our clothes off and we just will never ever get to that point because we’re not known for that. I can see if we came out doing that already, maybe then we would’ve been comfortable doing that, but we weren’t known for that. We thought Onlyfans was for getting naked and more x-rated type stuff. Once we started doing our research, we learned you can have adult content or you can have it more PG-13. I get topless on mine, I do what I feel more comfortable with,” she told me.

Both Elle and her sister have OnlyFans accounts and then they have a Twerk Team account that features both of them. “I feel like it’s a good opportunity for people – it doesn’t have to be just twerkers on there because its not. There’s artist, hairstylists, and makeup artists. I feel like Onlyfans has its advantages. It’s like a premium YouTube for us.”

Lady Elle

Source: Lady Elle / ELLE

Twerking is fun and all, but Elle’s primary focus is being the best mother she can be to her two children, King and Queen. “Ive always wanted to be a mom and a wife. Thats the number 1 thing I know how to do and that I’m good at.”

Motherhood has been quite the journey for Elle. As a woman goes through the process of developing human life in her womb, the body stretches, changes, and returns to a new normal. Some women have trouble embracing their new bodies but for Elle, it gave her a boost of confidence. “I was always insecure being skinny. I only weighed 120 lbs. My sister and Betty were bigger than me so I never had butt, I never had hips or anything like that. Me getting pregnant was really a blessing for me because now I’m really curvy and I love it. I love my curves. I gained weight and I have my grown woman body now. So I’m excited about that! I love my curves, I embrace it. I embrace my stretch marks,” she said.

Elle shares two adorable children with rapper Rich the Kid. The former couple had a messy divorce that played out in the media. As a result of his infidelities, she was left to reconstruct her mental and emotional health. “I got through depression, and I feel like I fell into it more – I don’t feel like it was because of my actual body changing from my kids – I feel like it was more of comparing myself to other women. I was getting cheated on a lot and I would look at the girls like, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t look like that.’ That used to bring me into depression and make me insecure.”

Living in LA at the time, Elle decided to move back to Atlanta to be closer to her family. In LA she kept herself isolated and used food to deal with her feelings. Once she returned to her loved ones, she was able to start the healing process by being around love. Once in a better space, she decided to explore different career opportunities.

Elle recently added the author title to her list of accomplishments. Earlier this month she released her very first book titled, Wife. The spicy fictional novel launched on December 1st and it has already landed itself in the Top 50 Black Urban Erotic books alongside authors Zane and Sista Souljah. Wife is the first of a trilogy. She will release the second installment Mistress by June and conclude with Becoming a Mistress soon after. The end goal is to have the collection turned into a movie or a Netflix series.

It’ll be cool to witness the reign of Elle play out on the big screen. With all that she’s accomplished since the beginning of her career, there’s no doubt the Universe has more in store for her. You can purchase Wife on Amazon. You can also subscribe to her OnlyFans account here.


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