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The days of ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, and acne-prone skin can finally be a thing of the past thanks to Olamide Olowe, founder of Topicals Skin Care.

Like many Black women after puberty, Olamide spent years struggling to figure out the best skincare routine to prevent those nasty unwanted blemishes only to find that many of the products in the beauty stores did not accommodate women of darker skin tones, leaving a huge void in the beauty industry. This led Olamide to take matters into her own hands and after studying dermatology in college, Topicals was born!

She teamed up with fellow skincare enthusiast, Claudia Teng, who is now the co-founder and chief product office of Topicals, and together, the ladies became committed to making their dreams of a successful inclusive skin-care brand a reality.

Topicals officially launched in August 2020 and includes serums, hydrating masks, brightening gels, and more to help relive beauties who experience unwanted skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, scarring, eczema, and acne. Unlike many other skincare lines, Olamide and Claudia made sure that each of their products was well researched, included trusted ingredients, and could be used for women of all colors. “Claudia is Asian, and I am African, and we’ve seen how these things can be dangerous, so we wanted to develop our products with extra caution,” Olamide explained to Refinery29 on the creation of Topicals.

Topicals’ Instagram page features a ton of before and after photos from real-life women who have tried products to help eliminate scarring and hyperpigmentation. One photo showed a one-month progress report from a Topicals user who saw immediate results when using Topicals products along with other store-bought items listed in the caption.

As mentioned on their website, Topicals is committed to changing the way we feel about skin by raising awareness between skin health and mental health, citing that people with skin conditions are more likely to experience depression as it relates to their appearance. With Topicals, Olamide and Claudia hope that consumers will realize that skin is fluid and imperfect but that healthy skin is attainable with products are made with care.

For more on Topicals, visit their website or Instagram page.

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