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Source: Dennis Leupold for Women’s Health / Dennis Leupold for Women’s Health

Normani is a perfectionist. Hence her perfectly sculpted body on the December cover of Women’s Health Magazine. The Motivation singer, who is gearing up for the release of her debut album, opened up about learning to accept life as it comes.

When Normani performed at the 2019 VMAs, all fans saw was a flawless performance highlighted by an epic dance breakdown that included a backflip into a backbend twist and split. Behind the scenes, Normani was “dwelling” on a sound problem.

She eventually learned “one performance doesn’t define” her. That lesson helped Normani refocus and channel a newfound energy her upcoming album, which she described as “empowering.” Opening up about the lyrics on the album, she revealed, “My lyrics have more depth, and they’re more intentional and come from a more authentic place, because I now feel more connected to myself than before.”

Like many of us, Normani had lots of time to self-reflect while under isolation amid the pandemic. “I’ve been able to meditate more and take a time-out before allowing anybody else to affect my energy,” she revealed. Normani learned to adapt to the new normal and create self-care rituals for herself to keep her grounded.

“Before I talk to anybody, before I look at a text, before I go on Instagram, I center myself in my room and pray and do breathing exercises and create my own space so that I have a foundation to walk on throughout the rest of the day,” she said.

The 24-year-old also learned to embrace her body. “I’m working out, but I’m also becoming more in tune with my body.” That includes yoga, exercises and eating healthy. Normani revealed she began cutting certain foods out her diet and by process of elimination learned what caused her to breakout, what made her feel bloated and ultimately what made her feel good. The culprit for her acne? Dairy.

Normani also sources confidence from the pool of compliments she receives from her peers an those she looks up to.

“It’s alarming when people you’ve looked up to, respect, and who kind of define who you are believe in you,” Normani said about the praise she’s received from celebrity friends like Rihanna and Beyonce and  “But it definitely gives me confidence,” she said. And she’s grateful to feel seen, which gives her the perfect platform to inspire little boys and girls to believe they can do anything.

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