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Ivy Park Plus-Size Collection

Source: Howell Designs / Kaylin James

Evidently, Muva Tina taught Beyoncé something my mother taught me, “Never make the same mistake twice.” Back in January, Queen Bey brand Ivy Park released a dope collaboration with Adidas that had the Beyhive lit. The issue with the collection, which included maroon and orange apparel, accessories, and footwear, was that it wasn’t size-inclusive. The collection featured a limited size range, from XS-XL and plus-size women who love Beyonce and pop their style were highly disappointed. However, sis fixed that oversight with her latest collection, “Drip 2.”

Let’s be clear, while there’s no shortage of plus-size activewear, there’s also no shortage of plus-size Beyhive members. When you consider the diversity of Beyoncé’s audience and the fact that she launched the last collection on the heels of “Homecoming,” which was particularly inclusive and even featured plus-size dancers, no one appreciated being excluded from the drip. I was extremely disappointed, and knowing Adidas caters to curvy girls with their regular apparel made it feel as though Beyoncé and Ivy Park didn’t care about fat girls, and that hurt.

Now I’m not saying Beyoncé heard my cry or that we forced her hand but something provoked change. The Adidas x Ivy Park “Drip 2” collection includes products that are feminine and gender-neutral, ranging from sizes XXXS to 4X. Although the collection isn’t totally inclusive, which has again disappointed some in the plus-size community, most pieces were included in plus-sizes. I personally didn’t think that was a big deal, but Beyoncé, if you’re reading this sis, I would have slayed both of those catsuits had they been available in my size.

Lucky for me, you, and my curvy crew, we were able to get a couple of pieces from the collection prior to them selling out online. So here we are here with the ultimate curvy girl review of the Adidas X Ivy Park “Drip 2” collection.

@thedoubledigitdiva (Alex) Size: Medium

Alex- Ivy Park Plus-Size Collection

Source: Howell Designs / Kaylin James

Although I am on the smaller side of plus, many times finding clothes that fit properly is an issue thanks to my full hips and butt. The fit of this catsuit is amazing and the stretch made room for my curves. I purchased the catsuit thinking that fit would be an issue but I was wrong. The only issue that I encountered was one that I am accustomed to, length. The catsuit is more tall girl friendly but because of the fit, it is doable for most short stacks like myself.

@thecurvygirlchronicle (Tierra) Size: Crop top: XL Sweatpants: 2XL

Tierra- Ivy Park Plus-Size Collection

Source: Howell Designs / Kaylin James

Being a taller plus-size girl the sweatpants could have been a little longer especially being that they are gender-neutral. Even sizing up didn’t give extra length as it normally would. Due to the crop top being oversized I was able to size down to an XL allowing me to achieve the fit I desired. Overall the fit was pretty good once I found proper sizing.

@chanteburkett (Chante) Size: 3X

Chante- Ivy Park Plus-Size Collection

Source: Howell Designs / Kaylin James

“I love the oversized fit of this hoodie which allows me to style it multiple ways. I can do sporty with sneakers or dress it up with some booties/heels for a more chic look.”

@be_vic (Brande) Size: Sports Bra: 3X Leggings: 4X

Brande Victorian- Ivy Park Plus-Size Collection

Source: Howell Designs / Kaylin James

I love the fit of the pieces. I could’ve sized down on the pant for more of a compression fit, but I appreciate that the plus-size pieces are true to size and not junior plus size. I love the high-rise fit of the pants and the fact that they include a pocket, which is convenient. They’re also very comfortable and easy to move in for all types of activity.
The sports bra is comfortable as well and true medium support so it works for stretching and low-impact exercise. The support is decent without an underwire.

@Mauibigelow (Maui) Size: 2X

Maui Bigelow- Ivy Park Plus-Size Collection

Source: Howell Designs / Kaylin James

I love everything about the style of this dress because it can easily be dressed up or down. I choose to pair it with sneakers for this look but I will more than likely style it differently later. Because I wasn’t familiar with the sizing and because I am in between sizes, I decided to get a 2X but I could have easily worn a 1X.
The collection’s “this is my park” theme encourages us to find our park; not literally but figuratively. Your park is the space that defines, centers, and affirms you. It’s where you play and where you slay. As Black women and plus-size women, we know the importance of finding our park and this is ours. Where’s yours?

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