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Source: nyakio / nyakio skincare

I’ll spare you the talk about how dry skin gets in the colder months because you probably already know that. What you may not know, however, is what to do about it.

When our skin lacks adequate moisture, it’s not only unpleasant to look at but it can also be physically uncomfortable. Dry skin feels tight and can even lead to painful cracks — and I don’t mean jokes about how ashy you are. It’s for that reason, it’s best to do all you can to reinforce the skin’s barrier and prevent dryness from happening in the first place. But if you’re already at the point of dryness, all is not lost for restoring balance. Chances are you could stand to add an oil into your skincare regimen and I know just the brand.

Nyakio Grieco is the founder of the award-winning clean and green skincare brand which bears her name. Inspired by the beauty secrets she learned from her grandmother who’s a Kenyan coffee farmer – like using coffee beans to exfoliate and cold-pressed oils — and her grandfather who was a medicine man, Grieco launched nyakio in 2002 and has been expanding its product line ever since.

Oils are one part of that expansion, with nyakio now having three different cold-pressed oils that not only address dryness but other typical skin issues such as dullness and aging. So why an oil? According to experts, facial oils are essential for locking in moisture and reinforcing skin’s lipid barrier, particularly in the winter. So if you tend to be on the dryer side this season, consider adding one of these oils after your regular serum and layering a moisturizing cream on top if need be – sort of like the LOC method for your hair.



Source: nyakio / nyakio skincare

Before I get into each oil, I have to pause for the beauty of this brand’s packaging. Each item comes in a box that literally feels like you’re unwrapping a gift. The inside of the package gives background information on Grieco and other important information about how and where ingredients in the product are sourced such as the use of Fair Trade Shea Butter.

Manketti & Mafura Anti-Aging Oil

Manketti and Mafura oils hail from South Africa and are rich in unsaturated fatty acids to aid skin in achieving a soft, youthful appearance. You might recall we told you a couple of months ago that we produce 1% less collagen every year starting at age 25 so that’s also when your anti-aging efforts should begin.

Maracuja & Yangu Rescue Oil

As the word rescue might suggest, this oil is formulated to soothe skin that is already dry and in distress. The “Beautiful Tree” in South Africa. Both of these oils are high in unsaturated fatty acids as well which also help to repair the skin’s natural barrier and prevent further dryness while adding moisture back into the skin.

Marula & Neroli Brightening Oil

“African’s Miracle Oil,” aka Marula Oil, derived from sub-equatorial Africa is the star in this brightening oil, having been used by women across the continent for centuries. Alongside Neroli, which comes from the flowers of the Bitter Orange tree, this oil helps even skin tone and minimize the appearance of discoloration, which is a common concern among Black women.

While each oil advises use after cleansing morning and night, I’ll warn you that they are rather thick so you may prefer to apply only at night. Still, the oils do live up to their promise of being fast-absorbing so if you stick to the recommended three to five drops, you shouldn’t feel the weight of the products on your neck and face after massaging into the skin.

Each oil is suitable for all skin types, so it’s truly your preference when it comes to which you pick and which issue you want to address. I love using the Rescue Oil after I exfoliate because I know I’ve removed all of the dead skin cells from the surface and now my skin can truly glow and remain hydrated going forward. In an effort to keep my skin as youthful as possible at 35, I’m planning on working the Anti-Aging Oil into my regimen as well. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go order the Brightening Oil.

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