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In the words of B. Scott, say what now?! A Houston woman underwent eight cosmetic procedures to look like Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Cynthia Anne, a front line healthcare worker, made headlines last week after cosmetic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose posted a series of images, on social media, of Anne’s transformation.

According to the posts, the nurse technician underwent a “mommy makeover,” which included: breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, a tummy tuck, abdominal plasty, and liposuction. She also had an eyelid lift, botox, fillers and injectable treatments all to look like Harris.

Anne’s interesting case was featured on Inside Edition in a segment titled “Kamala Makeover.” “I know I won’t look exactly like her, but I’m inspired by her look,” said Anne in the viral feature. “She’s a trendsetter for a lot of women especially women of color.”

Despite hitting the gym to achieve the Kamala look the natural way, Anne said she just can’t achieve her desired results that way.

“She has a nice flat stomach,” she explained. “You can tell she’s very toned by her legs. She doesn’t have any excess fat. Look at her eyes, oh my goodness, I would love to have those eyes. Then her nose is just nice and perfect.”

After going under the knife for 12 hours and what we imagine to be an intense recovery period, she revealed her new frame and face to family in friends for cameras to see.

“I feel beautiful,” Anne revealed. “I got the look I always wanted.” Well more power to ya sis. Watch the full clip, below:


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