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Loretta Devine is aging like fine wine and the superstar actress shared her secrets with HelloBeautiful’s Sade Spence while promoting her new horror film Spell, which follows a man (Omari Hardwick) who crash lands his plane in rural Appalachia and awakens to find himself in the attic of a traditional Hoodoo practitioner (Devine).

Devine spoke with HelloBeautiful’s Sade Spence about the new film produced by Morris Chestnut. While speaking about her radiant glow and her age, Devine revealed she feels sexiest when she’s booked and busy.

“I love to work and working do make you feel pretty good,” she says, before complimenting her co-star. “Working with somebody like Omari who has his shirt off and he has the longest lashes. His lower lashes are longer than my top lashes, just naturally. He’s such a beautiful man. And then his spirit is just so dynamic. You go, ‘Oh, my God, this is just proof that there is no stopping God. He can create whatever, ‘cuz he’s so good at it.”

Devine went on to dish on the feels she gets around the love of her life.

“My husband makes me feel very sexy when he notices stuff I had no idea he saw. Whenever he gives me one of those, ‘Oh, you look in that!’ that makes me feel real sexy.”

Devine also spoke about seeing more Black women in the horror space, owing it to our Black girl magic.

“There’s such a shift in the whole world right now, but it started a little bit before this. There’s a younger group of directors, a younger group of actresses coming in… There’s a younger recognition of talents… and all of this means that finally, you’re not visible anymore. And that’s so important that that you’re not invisible. I mean, that because that means you become a part of the world. And once the world sees you, then they can see your beauty, and I think that’s what’s happening everywhere for all those black girls with their magic.”

Devine’s Hoodoo magic-filled movie Spell begins streaming on VOD on Oct. 30.


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