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Sienna Naturals - Issa Rae & Hannah

Source: Sienna Naturals / Sienna Naturals

Stressed out strands are a thing of the past and our wash days have all been given a major upgrade! Sienna Naturals launched their new Salon In A Box, putting an end to our at home wash day struggles!

Sienna Naturals’ new Salon In A Box is a curation of all of Issa’s favorite hair care products that are intended to restore scalp health and repair hair from the stress of styling. Created to resemble a skincare routine, Salon In A Box is all natural, vegan and cruelty-free, and is the perfect addition to your wash day ritual.

Sienna Naturals - Issa Rae & Hannah

Source: Sienna Naturals / Sienna Naturals

“What I love about Sienna Naturals is that it’s style agnostic so however you wear your hair, you can benefit from these products because it really is about taking care of your hair and about hair health, and that’s the foundation,” Issa said in an interview with Sienna Naturals co-owner Hannah on their website. “I spent a good amount of time just trying to experiment with different products. It wasn’t until I cut all of my hair off that I decided to start over and just grow it from scratch. And that truly changed my life on numerous levels. I felt like I could at least get a handle on my hair.”

As a well-known naturalista, Issa’s wash day ritual is the perfect routine to adopt as our own, especially during quarantine when our hair relationships have experienced quite the ups and downs. That’s why both Issa and Sienna Naturals’ founder and CEO Hannah Diop felt that it was important to share products that have helped Issa maintain her hair health and keep her mane looking and feeling luxurious, even during lockdown. “I’ve tried the products overtime and really watched them evolve and I think for me, whenever I attach myself to something, I want to believe in it and I want to make sure I’m using it and that it works for me,” Issa continued. “I believe in Hannah. I believe in the product. I’ve seen how far it’s come, and believe it works for my hair.”

Sienna Naturals - Issa Rae & Hannah

Source: Sienna Naturals / Sienna Naturals

Starting today, hair lovers can pre-order the limited edition Salon In A Box for $75, with each bundle scheduled to be shipped out mid-November.

Each Salon In A Box includes some of Issa’s favorite products such as:

  • H.A.P.I. Shampoo – Hydrates and cleanses hair from root to tip. It removes build-up from styling products, sweat, and environmental toxins that clog hair pores and prevent moisture from reaching your strands.

  • Plant Power – Intensely deep hydrating treatment mask that strengthens and softens while restoring moisture-protein balance for the ultimate damage repair.

  • Lock & Seal – An anti-breakage blend of ingredients engineered to seal down damaged hair cuticles. It hydrates parched curls and dry ends and seals in moisture for ultimate curl protection.

  • Dew Magic – A dynamic do-all for hair that hydrates, softens, strengthens, invigorates, smooths and protects all without weighing hair down.

To get your hands on the one of a kind Salon In A Box and to take your wash day routine to the next level, visit:


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