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Shamika Wearing BrassyBra

Source: @Shamika_Sanders / Shamika Sanders

As a woman with DDD boobs, finding a bra or bra-like solution is never easy. Bras in my size are expensive and hard to find, which means popular stores like Victoria’s Secret are out of the question. And for those braless moments — bra tape — forget about it. Unless it’s infused with Gorilla Glue, how is tape supposed to hold these melons?! Insert BrassyBra — a boob tape solution that comes in sizes A-DDDD.

It works!

When I received my BrassyBra package, naturally the first thing I did was post it on social media questing if any of my followers had experience with the tape. Surprisingly, my bestfriend replied to Instastories, with an incredulous response. She was shocked I hadn’t tried it before, let alone heard of it. She also informed me she uses it all the time and sent me an image of her wearing it with a jean jumpsuit that otherwise would require a bra that would show beneath the plunging criss-cross pattern in the front.

After I came to terms she had been keeping secrets from me, I was even more anxious to try BrassyBra. I tore into the package as soon it arrived. Three sets of the caramel tape and nipple petals fell onto the bed. First things first, I appreciate the deep range of skin tones the tape comes in as well as the wide range of sizes it accommodates. Basically, BrassyBra had me at hello.

Shamika Wearing BrassyBra

Source: @Shamika_Sanders / Shamika Sanders

The box comes with clear instructions how to use. Pretty simple stuff. Peel off the adhesive covering and place on your boobs after covering your nipple with a petal. I mistakingly put on lotion right before this boobalicious experiment so my first set of tape didn’t stick well. (Clearly, I’m an amateur). I recommend putting on your garment first and measuring where exactly the tape will go so you ensure it’s fully covered by your clothing (another mistake I made but got right on the second attempt).

Shamika Wearing BrassyBra

Source: @Shamika_Sanders / Shamika Sanders

I learned my lesson and upon my second try, viola! The BrassyBra indeed worked and provided lift without ugly bra lines. And you know what I love the most, it helped with stubborn back fat — you know, the back fat that spills out from underneath your bra.

Not convinced? Here’s some other specs: it’s water-resistant so you can wear while swimming. It’s latex free and made out of cotton so it’s comfortable. It’s cost effective at a price point of $38 for three pairs.

So…do yourself a favor and wear that top or dress you’ve been dying to order and get BrassyBra while you’re at it.


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